Teaching Activities

Current (Spring 2019)

  • Data Mining (Grad)
  • Fundamentals of Data Mining (UnderGrad)
  • Economics (UnderGrad)

Past (Fall 2018)

  • Operating Systems (UnderGrad)
    • Noteable Students: Shahbaz, Saif, Kamal, and a lady
  • Programming Fundamentals (UnderGrad)
    • Noteable Students: Hasham, and Jawad

Past (Spring 2018):

Currently, I am the instructor of the following courses.

  • CS-302, Artificial Intelligence (UnderGrad).
    • Noteable Students: Shafaullah.
  • CS-407, Fundamental of Data Mining (UnderGrad).
    • Noteable Students: Ameeq, Hasham, and Sultan.
  • CS-883, Advanced Cloud Computing (Grad).
    • Noteable Students: Rashid

Past (Fall 2017):

These are my first teaching assignments at any university. I have enjoyed alot with the experience I got and recorded my limitation as an instructor that need to be addressed for future assignments. Following is the list of courses which I delivered in this session.

  • CS-103, Discrete Structures (UnderGrad).

Stunningly beautiful experience while reviewing the crux behind the concepts of computing.  As per my class was concerned the overall experience is good, where some of my students have good sense and taste of computational concepts. Notable students from the class are Wajahat Iqbal, Umer Mehmood Khan, Asad Ali, Faisal Ayub Khan and Muhammad Ismail Khan, and Muhammad Umair Ilyas. I wish all of my class and specially the student listed here a very good luck in both worlds.

  • CS-303, Operating Systems (UnderGrad).

Once again delighted with course. The class behavior is much much better than the freshers. Some notable students from the class are: Shafaullah, Awais Ali, and Hamza Javed.