Deploying COMET on Samsung Galaxy S-II (GT-I9100G)

COMET is an application level VM Synchronization solution developed my Mark Gordon and is freely available and hosted on GitHub. As COMET is articulated in 2012 so the direction given by Mark Gordon was correct according to that time and still is with minor changes as I followed Gordon’s direction and I am unable to set it-up working. So I played a little and figured out, how it can be configured. I am sharing the details of changes I did  here, may be I am too direct here and you still need to first check Gordon’s Comet Page and than do these steps if you cannot configure it with Gordon’s directions.

First you need to setup the repo for Android JB using the command:

repo init -u -b jellybean

once the repo setup is done than you have to filter out a source code project causing some copyright conflict and removed from the CyanogenMod tree. For that purpose a line in the repo manifest should be removed. So you have to edit the repo default/main manifest xml file. You can use any editor But i used gedit the command looks like this:

gedit source-code-repo-root/.repo/manifests/default.xml

the line that should be removed is for more details see here :

<project path="external/svox" name="CyanogenMod/android_external_svox" />

Once you removed this line than you can sync your repo and will go normally but still it would take time depending upon you internet speed.

Once the source code is successfully downloaded..

than you have to setup the build environment using :

. build/


source build/

once the build environment is configured, than you have to execute the following command

breakfast i9100g

i9100g was my device name replace this with your device name you can find you device name on the CyanogenMod website.

once that is done now you have to get the prebuilts.

cd vendor/cm



once you get the prebuilts. The next step is to get the proprietary blobs.

According to Gordon’s direction you should do this:


But In my case ./ is not working and if in your case it shows the message like  “No such file or directory”. In that case you should try the following:

cd device/samsung/i9100g/



Well note that here you have also to change two things as my device manufacturer is Samsung so you have to change samsung in the above commands to your device  manufacturer name. Likewise, i9100g is my device name you have to change this to your device name.

Well In mobile cloud computing computational offloading is used to take the advantage of the resourceful desktop or cloud machine and run the program faster in order to investigate this the only open source (to my knowledge) solution which exist is comet developed by Mark Gordon how ever if you want to try comet on your device there are certain things which you should do in order to get it working. I would not write all the steps as it can be seen on the CyanogenMod wiki and comet page but I will write those things which are not listed on those pages and will make problems in setting up.

If ./ is not working on your environment and shows the message like  “No such file or directory”. In that case you should try the following

cd device/samsung/i9100g/



After this step you are ready to build using:

make -j10 otapackage

Now for Building COMET follow the instructions on the COMET page under the heading of “Building COMET”. Once you have build the comet than you have to build some other comet packages i.e.:

make -j4 tcpmux
make -j4 CometSettings

Than push the vm on the phone using the Gordon’s Instructions.

also to run the server you should run the tcpmux deamon from this directory.


note that you have to change the device name to your device name.

I hope this will be helpful…


Ethics, Ranking and Games in Research

Today one of a senior and very ethical researcher in my lab forward us this link and warn us of the embarrassment that can cause if we buy the biblometrics,  research articles or use any other unfair means in research. By reading this article many questions came in my mind.  (1) Whether the biblometric tools are the gold standard for measuring and ranking the relative importance of an article, author, journal or institution because it is always questionable as in my little experience I have found that the number of earned citation is quite less as compared to the number of citation gained by swapping citation with acquaintances. (2) The transparency of Thomson and Reuters as to my understanding it is not a non profit organisation it seems insane that a business oriented organisation is ranking the stuff related to academy, further where $$ cames the conflict of interest automatically born and in ranking there are so many conflicts one conflict is the question of the above linked article. I would rather say that if it is about ranking according to Thomson and Reuters than it is game and play it as Thomsons and Reuters designed the map and game play and as the King Abdul Aziz University plays the game very well and result in a win win situation. A solution for the ranking could be the creation of a ranking consortium in which all the bodies which produces the ranks index collaborate and produce an aggregate index based upon the combination of all the members index, in addition with introducing other metrics which is based upon practicality, impact on the human race, expert opinions, experience and many others. (3) The ranking is bullshit because no body in the world can measure the knowledge, intelligence, intellect of somebody else as these things are relative and vary in situation no absolute tool exists for measuring such things. Some people would argue that there are tests like IQ, interviews, focused questioning, examination but the answer is still these thing are relative because the human mind is so sensitive that it can be distracted on single pen drop noise or headache, or any other physiological or environmental distraction resulting in a bad exam, test or interview. Some people will say these methods still have a strong point which is the provision of the same laws and rules given to the contenders. In conclusion the program of King Abdul Aziz University to me is not an under cover secret program it is openly known and they offer salary for the players(scientists) to help in playing the ranking game.